About Us

Remove mold as well as stuck-on dirt and grime from windows with the help of our window cleaners. All Star Window Cleaning is a residential window cleaning company in Kennesaw,GA.


Schedule estimates at your convenience. We will have a thorough discussion about what types of cleaning you specifically want, including focusing on areas requiring extensive attention. We'll also make suggestions according to our expertise. With no pushy sales tactics, you will have total control to choose services that are right for you. Your calls will always be returned promptly and you will receive exceptional service from start to finish.


Our professional and courteous staff will clean your windows using the latest cleaning tools and techniques. We pay attention to safety and use soft cloths to prevent scratches.


Tailor a cleaning program to meet your needs. Whether you require daily, weekly, or monthly service, we will customize a schedule that matches your requests.


Our uniformed staff will show respect for your property and secure it at the end of each visit. Our managers will furthermore supervise and inspect our team to ensure you're completely satisfied with our services.

Eco-Friendly Products

We never use ammonia or chemicals when cleaning your surfaces. Instead, we use the best green cleaning supplies on the market to free you from concerns about toxic exposure in children, pets, and staff. All of our eco-friendly products are sourced from a vetted and longtime supplier.

Water Systems

We use the PUR water filter system during cleaning, which removes all dirt deposits from windows. It has also been proven to deliver streak-free results during the cleaning and drying processes.