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Pressure Washing Driveways, Decks, and More

Window cleaning is often a tedious and time-consuming task. At All Star Window Cleaning in Kennesaw, GA, we free up your time by doing the hard work for you. Our team has the tools and expertise to deliver immaculate results every time. We clean inside and outside windows and can service homes with up to two floors.


Thorough window cleaning isn't complete without addressing your screens. We'll get in between hard-to-reach areas using our screen brush tools.


Your skylights play a big role in bringing natural light into your home. If requested, we'll clean this area too.

Solar Panel Cleaning

We clean solar panels on roofs with a 60-foot hose. We use PUR® filtered water with a PUR water soft brush to remove dirt and grime.

Pressure Washing

We can pressure wash homes with up to two stories. Our specialties include:

• General Pressure Washing
• Soft Brush Pressure Washing
• Deck Pressure Washing
• Driveway Pressure Washing


Just for Business

Presenting a clean business environment is paramount to impressing clients and improving the morale of your employees. Our window cleaning staff will provide you with a worry-free way of maintaining a professional atmosphere day after day. We do the work, so you can concentrate on business.
Before& After Pressure Washing

Our Clients

We provide window cleaning services for homes and businesses of all sizes. Our top clients include:

• Senior Housing Buildings
• Commercial Buildings
• Storefronts
• Banks
• Restaurants
• Apartments and Condominiums
• Retail Stores
• Corporate Office Buildings

Outside and Inside Windows Second Floor

Expedited Services

Order express window cleaning services that eliminate all-day interruptions in business. Our team will come to your location and clean 35 windows or more in a short period of time. Your service will be completed quickly and safely with no mess left behind.

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